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I am a trained, qualified proofreader, and an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading. I have built my freelance business, largely working in non-fiction, over the last nine years, and I am now offering a proofreading service to creative writers and creative writing students, throughout the world.

Proofreading service - creative writers: Work


I can carry out a comprehensive proofread of your manuscript for any of the following:


  • Novellas

  • Novellas-in-flash

  • Memoirs-in-flash

  • Flash fiction and CNF collections

  • Funding applications and accompanying extracts

  • Agent/publisher submissions, query letters and accompanying extracts

  • First pages and first/early chapters for competition and agent submission

  • Dissertations (BA, MA, MFA, PhD)

I may consider taking on longer projects (e.g. a full-length novel or memoir). Please get in touch via the contact form if this is something you would like to discuss, as timescales, remit and pricing would be different from the above projects. 

I work in Microsoft Word using the Tracked Changes function. I can help if you are not familiar with this. 


A proofread will address: 

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Consistency of all of the above, and more (e.g. character names, format)

  • Typos

  • Word repetition

  • Inappropriate word use

  • Applying consistent version of English (e.g. UK, US, Canadian, Australian etc.)

  • Checking proper nouns - people and places

While a proofread is designed to work on the final, or almost final, version of the text, I may still make suggestions as to small changes that may improve the flow, readability or literary quality of the piece. However, it is important to remember that my proofread will not be a critique, which would take place at an earlier stage, and which other writers or tutors can offer. 


A proofread will not include the following – but if you require deeper editing of your text, I can help you find someone you can work with. 

  • Developmental editing (structure and story)​

  • Copy editing/line editing

  • Sensitivity reading

  • Legal reading

  • Critique/feedback

  • Formatting (but this can be arranged at additional cost)

I would not normally proofread a single, standalone flash fiction piece. This is because I would need to charge a minimum rate for a small job, which may seem a high price for the number of words being checked, but it is also because editors and readers for literary magazines, journals and competitions tend to be forgiving of typos and small errors that can be amended at a later date. However, if you really would like such a service, do feel free to get in touch; I'd be happy to discuss your requirements.

My service is designed as a fresh set of eyes when your work is as good as you can make it by yourself (or with previous editing). If you require a deeper level of editing or a critique, I can help you find such a service. 


As a writer of short stories and flash fiction, and with a history of publication, including a novella-in-flash, I am attuned to the importance of staying true to the author's voice and style, particularly in a form that is often creative and innovative, challenging the reader's expectations in terms of format, language, sentence structure, tense and genre. 

My nine years' experience of proofreading (see here for my proofreading website) and four years of writing and being published (see here for my work) mean that I am uniquely able to help craft your work into its best possible shape, whether for funding, competitions, degree work or publishing. Many small presses do not have the editorial resources that bigger ones do, and proofreading is therefore left to the author. This is where I come in. 

I will remain sensitive to what you are trying to achieve in your writing, and I appreciate that occasionally subjects may be of a personal nature. You can trust me with your words. 


'I would not hesitate to recommend Johanna’s services. So far she has proofread my novella-in-flash and my short story submission package and I will definitely use her again for future work. She is quick, methodical, professional and easy to work with. All suggested changes to my work were handled sensitively and in keeping with my authorial voice. I feel much more confident submitting my work to agents and publishers knowing that she has cast her professional eye over it.' — Gaynor Jones, writer

'Johanna's diligent attention to detail has been a priceless addition to the production of our single-author collections. Any author serious about their writing should get in touch with Johanna, to ensure it is as polished as it can be.' — Steve Campbell, Ellipsis Zine 

'I knew Johanna as a writer before I was aware she was a proofreader, so I had no doubt that she would bring more than a cut-and-dried technical approach to my flash fiction collection. Where necessary, she not only provided amendments on spelling errors and typos via Tracked Changes, but she also made every effort to understand the content and intent of a sentence, and added a comment box with possible options. If there was still doubt in my mind about the way to go, I was confident that I could reapproach Johanna and she would reply as soon as possible with a further explanation. Having written a novella-in-flash herself, Johanna knows the pitfalls in the final stages nearing publication, and even reminded me that if I changed a title in the manuscript, I also needed to change the title in the contents page. She was also happy to provide me with a ‘clean’ copy and a copy with the changes marked. Nothing was too much trouble. Johanna offers a top-drawer service all round. I will definitely be knocking on her door again.' —Jeanette Sheppard, writer 

'If you finish a manuscript, and all those niggling doubts enter your mind concerning grammar, punctuation and syntax, handing it over to Johanna makes them all disappear. Receiving the manuscript back from Johanna relieves you of all those doubts and gives you confidence to share your hard work with the world, knowing it is as good as it can possibly be.' — Adam Lock/Seth Rain, writer; 


Proofreading is priced at £8 per 1,000 words. The price takes into account my proofreading experience and my understanding of a wide variety of literary genres and forms, particularly the exciting and burgeoning ones of flash fiction, micro fiction and novella-in-flash.

If you are working on a very long dissertation, comparable to a full-length novel, please get in touch using the contact form below, as different prices may apply. 



If you have any questions about pricing, process or anything related to proofreading, please get in touch and I will respond as soon as I am able.

Thanks for submitting!

Proofreading service - creative writers: Contact
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