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I was v. v. happy that my novella Homing was one of four shortlisted for the annual Saboteur Awards, which recognises writers, publishers and performers from smaller, independent presses and events. 

Homing, a novella-in-flash: Text


Print publication 29 June 2019 / Ebook publication November 2020

Homing tells the story of a Norwegian family in the midst of the Second World War, and follows the daughter Caroline over the next three decades. Two chapters can be read here (Ellipsis) and here (Reflex Press). 

Comments about the book: 

'A powerful novella of real substance, bold technique and readerly appeal.' Michael Loveday

'The author seamlessly juxtaposes moments of love and tenderness against the grim realities of war, and the effect is deeply uplifting.' Meg Pokrass

What readers say: 

'holding back tears having just finished this incredible piece of work'

'each piece is short [yet] it feels epic'


'stunningly crafted'

'makes spectacular use of the novella form'

so good I devoured it in one sitting'

'simply wonderful'

'an engaging and unputdownable novella-in-flash [...] beautiful and poetic'

'just buy it!'

'poignant and moving and beautifully crafted [...] I will certainly reread it soon, just for the beauty of the writing'

'Johanna's Norwegian generational epic is an embroidered heirloom and every stitch a gift.' 

'Language danced throughout.' 

Homing can be purchased here

Cover artwork by Emma Shakoor 

Homing, a novella-in-flash: Project
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